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Contained biomass solutions for sustainable and zero-Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC) production systems for high value applications


The innovative bioeconomy sectors need to diversify and deliver technological and industrial solutions based on available and sustainably sourced biomass. In particular, this covers sustainable application in various industrial systems for high value products and uses, such as in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and veterinary sectors[[e.g. antibodies, vaccines, proteins, peptides, bioactive metabolites, linking with Horizon Europe Cluster 1 Health and topic HORIZON-CL6-2021-CIRCBIO-01-05: Novel non-plant feedstocks for industrial applications]], especially in the context of biorefining and other (industrial) high-value uses[[e.g. cosmetics, food ingredients]].

This calls for identifying, optimising, screening and monitoring of the growing conditions in suitable systems such as bioreactors[[The proposals should cover size of the chosen contained systems, to enable upscaling and replication. ]],<