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Education on the bioeconomy including bio-based sectors for young people in primary and secondary education in Europe


The updated European bioeconomy strategy highlights the importance of education and increasing public awareness of all areas of the bioeconomy as crucial to understanding the challenges and the opportunities offered by the bioeconomy.

This topic should focus on the bioeconomy in general but with a specific focus on circular bio-based sectors and their potential, to prepare citizens for a future that should assume a sustainable and circular lifestyle (in terms of consumption, recycling, etc.) and to inspire young people to pursue education in life science, technology and bioeconomy related areas. The actions should promote the bioeconomy and bio-based solutions that provide environmental, climate-neutral and socio-economic benefits through education, training and awareness raising on sustainable production, consumption and lifestyles by engaging children and young adults.

Strengthening the knowledge and sensitivity of future generations to environmental issues, su