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Paludiculture: large-scale demonstrations

Project activities should:

  • Establish large-scale paludiculture demonstration in three areas of at least 50 hectares each;
  • Involve all relevant actors (farmers/foresters, scientists, advisors, local/regional public authorities, industry, etc.) throughout the different stages of project development and implementation;
  • Consider the potential for activities demonstrated in the project(s) to be replicated and scaled up, and to this end develop recommendations for policymakers and land managers;
  • Include a dedicated task, appropriate resources and a plan on how the project(s) will collaborate with other projects funded under this topic and with project(s) supported through topic “HORIZON-CL6-2024-CLIMATE-01-2: Socio-economic aspects of paludiculture”.
  • Where relevant, build links with projects funded under Horizon Europe Missions, in particular the Missions “A Soil Deal for Europe”, “Adaptation to Climate Change”, and “Restore our ocean and waters by 2030”. Relevant topics from the Mission work programmes include HORIZON-MISS-OCEAN-2022-01-02 “Danube river basin lighthouse: Protection and restoration of wetlands, flood plains, coastal wetlands and salt marshes and their biodiversity” and HORIZON-MISS-OCEAN-2021-02-04 “Danube river basin lighthouse – coordination activities”, as well as the Mission implementation monitoring system that will be part of the Mission Implementation Support Platform for reporting, monitoring and coordination of all relevant implementation activities.