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Support to test EIC innovations for public and private procurers


The project beneficiary must allocate the grants to EIC Awardees following a competitive, transparent and fair procedure based on equal treatment and non-conflict of interest.

Two types of calls should be implemented:

1. Calls without any predefined thematic area where an EIC Awardee must apply with the clear commitment of a pre-identified buyer.

2. Calls with predefined challenges where the EIC Awardee must apply with a solution to the predefined challenge(s). In this case, the project beneficiary must organise an expression of interest exercise prior to the call, to identify challenges which have the commitment of at least four separate and independent buyers. The EIC Awardees selected through the call will then be matched with the pre committed buyers to implement the testing of the innovation.

The selection of the EIC Awardees as well as the management of the financial support to third parties should be ensured by the project beneficiary exclusively. The applicants must have pre

This action should:

- increase business opportunities for EIC Awardees by supporting them to prove the concept or pilot test their innovative solutions in the services of public or private buyers.

- result in innovative solutions tested in the services or environments of potential buyers.

- increase the uptake of innovative solutions by public and private buyers through the use of innovation procurement.

- enable the scaling up of EIC companies through the creation of business opportunities with public and private buyers.

- improve the products and services offered by public and private buyers in Europe through the uptake of innovations of the EIC Awardees.