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EIT Cross-KIC Strategic Access to Finance

  • Facilitation of financial and non-financial support to KIC supported ventures (startups / scaleups) to accelerate their growth.
  • Develop a pipeline of innovative innovation projects and ventures (startups / scaleups) supported by the EIT Community that can benefit from EIC, EIB and EIF support.
  • Development of capacity and expertise available to the whole EIT Community in accessing EIB, EIF and EIC support, including in the context of the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme countries and women led ventures (startups / scaleups).
  • Development and support of other synergies between the EIT community and EIC, EIF, EIB, in the context for example of the EIT-EIF MOU signed in Sep 2021 (Education, RIS, financial instruments, common investors events) and the EIT-EIC MOU signed in Jan 2021.

to be defined by applicants addressing the specific objectives of the activity, its scope and expected results in the context of increasing the innovation performance and innovation potential of the European Union and growth and number of new jobs to be created in the supported ventures. The Cross-KIC activity should demonstrate in the proposal how the cross-KIC activity contributes to KICs' financial sustainability and how it contributes to the EIT core KPIs.