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Technological development of Maglev-derived Systems

The project shall contribute to deliver the expected outcomes and the work of the project should foresee:

Workstream 1:

  • Identification and design concept of technical enablers and basic technologies supporting maglev-derived systems (TRL2)
  • Risk analysis of maglev-derived system and Identification of needs for standardization on safety and security, including impact on existing regulation, in particular on the rail Technical Specification for Interoperability
  • Identification of potential technologies and subsystems derived for maglev-derived systems that could be imported back into the railway system itself, with benefits in terms of increased performance, reduction of costs and impacts related to operations.
  • In interaction with the System Pillar, gap analysis / Specific requirements against conventional System requirements specification and system architecture definitionDesign a concept of the vehicle with a maglev-derived system including vehicle equipment e.g. ventilation, heating, air conditioning, etc, as well propulsion system, command, control and signalling systems, safety and emergency systems, automation systems, including sensors, communication, data processing, etc (TRL2)

Work stream 2:

  • Technical feasibility studies and technological maturity assessment for passenger and freight applications of the maglev-derived system
  • Economical evaluation of maglev-derived systems including identification of different use cases (business case/s e.g. by means of a CBA)
  • Evaluation of possible operating procedures for driving operations, CCS, TMS, Station management, considering possible hybrid use of infrastructures (conventional / maglev-derived system).
  • Design of the prototype of a sample vehicle for one use case identified as per the economical evaluation study (TRL2)
  • Development of a European roadmap for its possible future implementation using the use cases defined in this workstream

Interactions with other EU-RAIL projects:

The System Pillar will deliver a new functional system architecture for the railway system, which will have an impact on the overall system design, including its interfaces between sub-systems. The action to be funded under this topic should interact with the System Pillar and shall take into consideration the work to be released by the System Pillar and its evolution.

Gender dimension

In this topic the integration of the gender dimension (sex and gender analysis) in research and innovation content is not a mandatory requirement.