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Advanced structural materials for nuclear applications


This action[[Funded from fission (75%) and fusion (25%) Euratom budget lines]] will contribute to the development and qualification of advanced nuclear structural materials, such as austenitic, ferritic and martensitic steels, nickel based alloys, SiCf/SiC composites and other ceramic materials, refractory alloys and other prospective materials e.g. high-entropy alloys (HEA). The research should also address complex material science approaches (e.g. surface treatment methods).

The proposal should cover aspects of qualification methodology under extreme conditions and test standardisation towards elaboration of relevant codes and design rules. Advanced modelling of properties, microstructure and behaviour of structural materials, especially in view of their optimisation and characterisation of the respective phenomena (e.g. microstructural or microchemical evolution, coolant compatibility models, etc.), including non-destructive material