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Harnessing innovation in nuclear science, technology and radiation protection


This action aims to bring innovation, including via cross-fertilisation with other scientific and technical sectors, to radiation protection. This complements the PIANOFORTE European partnership in medical applications and emergency preparedness, alternative applications of nuclear energy, and risk communication with civil society and decision-makers.

In terms of radiation protection and emergency preparedness, the PIANOFORTE partnership will be the main driving force for research for the coming 5 years, consolidating an EU-wide research and innovation community. The purpose of this action is to complement the PIANOFORTE partnership by fostering frontier research and testing novel ideas that can bring about a breakthrough innovation in the field. The proposals should complement, without duplicating, the research challenges addressed in the PIANOFORTE research roadmap.

In the context of the energy transition and complementing Horizon Europe’s objectives, nuclear energy and innovative nuclear t