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GOVSATCOM Service developments and demonstrations

  • R&I for the consolidation of integrated use cases and demonstration of EU GOVSATCOM service interoperability in real user environment.
    1. Development of an innovative use case (e.g. in the area of crisis management, surveillance, critical infrastructure etc.) exploiting a combination of secure SATCOM services, such as Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) and Fixed Satellite Service (FSS);
    2. Interoperability of services based on pooled and shared capacities from different satellite systems;
    3. Interoperability of governmental satellite-based communication services with terrestrial communication services;
    4. Development of end to end secure, interoperable, quickly deployable, affordable and user-friendly GOVSATCOM user services ;
    5. Integrated application leveraging the synergies with services provided by other Space Programme components (Galileo, EGNOS, Copernicus, SSA);
    6. Proof of concept in a real user environment;
    7. Awareness and outreach activities in favour of EU GOVSATCOM user uptake.
  • R&I Areas to be addressed:
    1. Interoperability between satellite communication systems’ services;
    2. Seamless handover between satellite and terrestrial communications networks for the provision of governmental communications services;
    3. Service level interoperability between commercial and MS owned satellite communications systems;
    4. Integration of EU GOVSATCOM services with services provided by the other components of the Space Regulation.