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Innovative and customizable services for EOSC


The aim is to provide researchers with a set of highly innovative new services that would exploit, in a structural way, cloud-based EOSC technologies and European compute and data management capacities.

Proposals should cover the following activities:

  • Development and improvement of existing pre-operational software, tools and open source services, aiming to be integrated to the service-based architecture offered through the EOSC;
  • Iterative and inclusive development in close cooperation/co-design with the relevant user communities;
  • Improving the TRL of the components and adding new features based on requirements from research communities, use of open source software and tools for wide availability and uptake;

The application range of these services for data intensive science is wide (e.g. automated extraction of information from scientific literature, experimentation, optimising experimental design, collection and analysis of heterogeneous and/or large-scale data, validation of data quality, repeatability and reproducibility in science, discovery and on-demand provisioning of open science resources and their reuse; storing, sharing and reusing research data, enabling secure data use and transactions, workflow management) making use of various enabling technologies, e.g. artificial intelligence and machine learning, natural language processing, automation, simulation, big data analytics or blockchain.

To be robust, customizable and scalable, all developments should be tested against 2-3 real life use cases from a variety of scientific domains. The projects should cooperate with other relevant and related projects and e-Infrastructures and large user communities. Joint use cases and testing across individual project boundaries are encouraged.

The services should be integrated in the EOSC core service platform[[See Public Procurement 1. Delivering the EOSC core infrastructure and services, under Other Actions]] and proposals should include sufficient provisions to address the integration, including, appropriate IPR and licence agreements. The resources that the services will offer should be clearly identified in the proposals. The sustainability model for the long-term availability of services can rely on EOSC. Participation of industry players, including SMEs, is recommended for both the development and further exploitation of the project results.

In this topic the integration of the gender dimension (sex and gender analysis) in research and innovation content is not a mandatory requirement.