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Conference on European Research Infrastructures: 20 years of ESFRI, achievements and future insights


Expected outcomes:

The conference will contribute to the following outcomes:

  • Valorisation of the impact of ESFRI on European R&I system over the 20 years
  • Reinforcement of the role of ESFRI and the European RIs in the renewed ERA
  • Increased awareness of the research and innovation actors of the opportunities provided by European RIs


The conference is planned in France, under the French Presidency of the European Union, in the first semester of 2022.

The conference will focus on the following issues: (1) presentation of main achievements of ESFRI over the 20 years, (2) ESFRI process as catalyst for alignment of national RI priorities and funding, (3) changing landscape of R&I in Europe – challenges and opportunities for RIs, (4) ESFRI as a model for effective governance of R&I policy.

This grant will be awarded without a call for proposals, according to Article 195(e) of the Financial Regulation and Article 20(4) of the Horizon Europe Framework Programme and Rules for Participation, to the legal entity identified below, as this is the ministry responsible for the event designated by France.