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International Conference on Research Infrastructures – ICRI 2022


Expected outcomes: Projects are expected to contribute to all the following outcomes:

  • Contribution to address global challenges with a global dimension;
  • Increased capacity of Europe to respond, in cooperation with international players, to emerging challenges at global level;
  • Development of further cooperation with ongoing key international partners for research infrastructures;
  • Enhanced role of the Union in international organisations and multilateral fora;
  • Progress towards the development of global research infrastructures.


The International Conference on Research Infrastructures (ICRI) is organised alternatively in EU and in a Third Country, in cooperation with the European Commission. ICRI 2022 will contribute to the objectives of the INFRADEV destination.

The next ICRI Conference is planned in the Czech Republic, under the Czech Presidency, in the second semester 2022.

The objectives of the conference are (1) to provide an international forum for the discussion on the development of global research infrastructures, in particular, on issues of common interest such as the long-term sustainability of research infrastructures and their innovation potential; (2) to facilitate strategic international cooperation between European research infrastructures and their International counterparts; (3) to address the role of RIs to tackle global challenges and to contribute to the SDGs; (4) to analyse the resilience and adaptability of RIs in times of crisis.

This grant will be awarded without a call for proposals according to Article 195(e) of the Financial Regulation and Article 20(4) of the Horizon Europe Framework Programme and Rules for Participation to the legal entities identified below, as they have been designated by the Czech Republic and include the ministry responsible for the event.