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Implementing digital services to empower neuroscience research for health and brain inspired technology via EBRAINS


Building on the EBRAINS architecture and base facilities developed under Horizon 2020, the scope of this action is to:

1. To implement a user-friendly service infrastructure along the principles of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) to widely serve the research communities in neurosciences, brain medicine and brain-inspired cognitive technologies. This includes the following dimensions:

  • Enabling the EBRAINS research infrastructure digital facilities supporting neuroscience dedicated tools and services, with a high quality of service including robustness, security, scalability, flexibility, usability and user-centricity. This includes a sustainable system for allocation and management of data capacities and of simulation and computing service resources.
  • Establishing in-depth collaboration with teams from other European research and testing infrastructures and of EOSC, in order to ensure efficiency and harmonisation, e.g. regarding Authorisa