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Novel insulation concepts for LH2 storage tanks


The scope of this topic is to develop and validate novel insulation concepts for storage of liquid hydrogen. The concepts developed should be suitable for a later scale-up to dimension similar to LNG storage tanks for shipping and or onshore storage.

The scope for the proposed project should include:

  • Definition of insulation concept suitable for LH2 storage, including novel support structures and/or architecture;
  • Material selection and integrity evaluation for LH2 exposure, e.g. strength, ductility, toughness, thermal expansion and compatibility;
  • Thermomechanical evaluation of the insulation concept;
  • Evaluation of consequences of fires;
  • Insulation application evaluation for large scale tanks and support structure (including the construction methodologies for pre-fabrication, concrete base limitation, innovative supports, reduced schedule for construction/erection…);
  • Risk analysis for safe operation (evaluation of hazardous scenarios);
  • Concept design and cost estimation for large scale LH2 tanks;
  • Tests at laboratory scale, at least, should be performed to support the viability of the concept at relevant conditions, e.g. with respect to temperature and stress conditions;
  • The circularity/sustainability of the solution (material and operation) should be demonstrated.

Activities are expected to start at TRL 2 and achieve TRL 3 by the end of the project - see General Annex B.

The JU estimates that an EU contribution of maximum EUR 2.00 million would allow these outcomes to be addressed appropriately.

The conditions related to this topic are provided in the chapter of the Clean Hydrogen JU 2023 Annual Work Plan and in the General Annexes to the Horizon Europe Work Programme 2023–2024 which apply mutatis mutandis.