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Performance Management & Network impact Assessment

The SESAR performance management process steers the overall R&I work, with reference to the SESAR performance ambitions specified in the European ATM Master Plan. It is based on the application of the SESAR performance framework. The SESAR performance management process reconciles and maps the performance assessments and results delivered by the R&I projects with the SESAR performance ambitions. It also ensures aggregating these results through the simulation of the relevant SESAR Solutions with the dual objective of delivering an ECAC-wide performance view and supporting for deployment, the development of the Master Plan level 3 implementation objectives based on these aggregated performance simulation results.

To achieve the expected outcomes, the activities to be performed under the leadership of the SESAR 3 JU will focus on the following areas.

  • Performance framework:
    • maintain reference methods and performance framework (upon the explicit request of the SESAR 3 JU);
    • if required, train and coach R&I project staff to ensure the correct application of the performance methodologies;
    • at the request of the SESAR 3 JU, contribute to solutions maturity gates to confirm that a robust performance approach based on the methodology has been applied by the projects.
  • Performance assessment and network impact assessment:
    • capture and aggregate the performance assessments delivered (for completed R&I) and planned to be delivered (for R&I in progress) by R&I projects;
    • run integrated simulation on multiple SESAR Solutions, duly replicating observed real-world operational environments to assess the impact that they could have at network level;
    • maintain a dashboard showing actual versus planned network performance impact enabled by SESAR 3 JU work programme delivery.