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Support to changes in the assessment of research and researchers to reward the practice of open science

The current evaluation and funding system of research and researchers is limiting open science practice, as it is still largely based on inappropriate indicators, favouring quantity of results of individual researchers rather than quality of (collaborative) open research practice and socio-economic impact of research. For the focus to shift to quality over quantity, and to more efficient and impactful research, changes are required in the institutions performing and funding research and innovation. One way of doing this is for research funding and performing organisations to develop and implement strategies and policies that reward the practice of open science in the evaluation of research and researchers.

A few institutions in Europe, including some universities, are currently taking steps to reward the practice of open science, by reforming the assessment system of their research and researchers. The proposals should build on these various institutional initiatives, on the results of projects funded under earlier Framework Programmes such as the “Science with and for Society” part of Horizon 2020, as well as on policy work conducted by the Open Science Policy Platform and by several umbrella organisations of research performing and research funding organisations. The proposals are expected to support the sharing of information at European level across institutions and umbrella organisations, to identify good practices, and to develop guidance and recommendations on institutional changes with respect to rewarding researchers for open science practices. The proposals should also pilot the development, implementation and monitoring of new methods, associated metrics, strategies and policies, by clusters of funders and/or research performing organisations, for research and research career assessment that integrates open science practices, in several EU member states and associated countries.

To ensure complementarity of outcomes and synergies, applicants are expected to cooperate with projects to be funded under topic HORIZON-INFRA-2022-EOSC-01-01.