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The EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) and European City of Science 2022 actions


Expected Outcomes:

  • Bring together more than 5000 delegates from more than 50 countries within and outside Europe;
  • Showcase latest developments in research and innovation and offer open forum for lively discussion and debate on the future of European science, policy and innovation;
  • Encompass three interconnected programmes: scientific research and innovation, science-to-business and scientific careers;
  • Parallel Science in the City festival targets local citizens to extend and enhance dialog and exchange on science and its role in society.


In addition to the ESOF conference, Leiden, the host city of ESOF 2022, includes two new initiatives:

  • A festival: “European Science in the City” to be organised in close collaboration with the European Commission. The goal of the new event, associated with the more general “Science in the City” festival of ESOF, will be to showcase for the general public and European citizens the results of R&I projects supported by the European Commission, including the Horizon Europe programme. The “European Science in the City” festival will be promoted together with the ESOF conference.
  • A year of events: the European City of Science (ECS) - a true all-year programme with various events and activities programmed by the host city in the spirit of the European Capital of Culture or the European Green Capital. In this perspective, the yearlong programme of the European City of Science will target a wide population of European citizens beyond simple local or regional impact.

Support offered to the organisers of ESOF2022 and its associated events, notably the European City of Science (ECS) to ensure that a structured and expanded dialogue among all societal actors (researchers, citizens, policy makers, business and third sector organisations, including all social groups) will be developed. In this context, special emphasis is placed on exploring and supporting citizen science as an important dimension of open science and as a way to promote further Responsible Research and Innovation through outreach activities, science education and various forms of public engagement with science.

An inclusive and integrated combination of seminars, workshops, debates and round table discussions using new interactive and engaging formats is included and centred on Horizon Europe key societal challenges.