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Laying the groundwork towards Europe-wide citizen science campaigns


Citizen science, involving citizens directly in the development of new knowledge or innovations, is a rapidly emerging mode of research and innovation that can lead to increased quality and effectiveness, e.g. through collecting, processing or analysing new qualities and quantities of data.

Many citizen science initiatives could achieve much higher impact if they were implemented on a transnational basis, collecting, analysing and exploiting vast amounts of cross-country data and, thereby, building a multinational community of citizen scientists. However, small-scale national citizen science projects often face practical, technical, or conceptual challenges and lack the support, the transnational coordination skills, and the resources, to upscale their efforts to a transnational level.

This action should conduct preparatory work for the launch of Europe-wide citizen science campaigns under the New ERA, which will also have synergies with Horizon Europe EU Missions. The action should identify t