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Community building in Neuromorphic Computing Technologies

Proposals should aim at networking and coordinating the efforts of the relevant NMC stakeholders, notably academia, RTOs and industry by addressing the following: constituency/eco-system building, through dedicated events, and the fostering of collaboration among related research and innovation projects in Europe to facilitate the matching of NMC technologies with industrial needs; joint research and innovation road mapping of NMC technologies and solutions in different application domains; pre-normative and education activities and; pre-normative and education activities and harmonised benchmarking of NMC solutions in the different application domains; and wide diffusion of NMC technologies, including by supporting the promotion of technology cases and eye-opening demonstrators in promising industry sectors such as automotive, robotics, manufacturing and more generally for big data analysis, learning and adaptation to evolving contexts of operation.

To network and coordinate the efforts of the European academic and industrial research and innovation communities in neuromorphic computing (NMC) technologies. To showcase a wide variety of NMC technologies and their applicability in cognitive computing, capitalising on their key benefits such as greater flexibility, efficiency and their adaptive and permanent learning capabilities. To stimulate wide industrial interest and further public-private investment in the field, accelerating technology transfer, take-up and innovation within an expanding European NMC eco-system.

Proposals should address the following impact criteria, providing metrics to measure success where appropriate:

  • Increased synergies and collaboration between research and innovation projects in Europe;
  • Increased synergies across national and European Programmes supporting NMC technologies;
  • Increased industrial support and engagement in jointly developing NMC solutions in key applications domains backed up by a high-quality research and innovation roadmap in the related areas;
  • Availability of NMC technologies demonstrating their applicability and innovation potential in relevant industry sectors;
  • Development of NMC innovation programmes and communities in Europe including dissemination and education aspects.