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Contribution to the International Energy Agency (IEA)

The European Commission has been participating in the work of the IEA since the founding of the Agency.

This grant will support the analytical work carried out in the context of the IEA-Morocco Joint Work Programme. Morocco is leading the way among emerging markets in the deployment of renewable energy and the promotion of a low-carbon and energy efficient economy. Morocco, encouraged and supported by the EU, has recently become an IEA Association Country. In this context the IEA will provide Morocco with technical assistance and advice with a view to developing Morocco's evidence-based policy-making capability. The IEA-Morocco work programme will include capacity building and training in data and statistics; modelling and support for the de-carbonisation programme as outlined in Morocco’s long-term energy policy to 2050; and advice on price liberalization and energy subsidy reform, with focus inter alia on fuel switching from subsidized butane to electric cooking.

The IEA-Morocco JWP will be instrumental in supporting the transition to a reliable, sustainable and competitive energy system, in particular in Horizon 2020 priority areas such as reduction of energy consumption and carbon footprint; generation and transmission of low-cost low-carbon electricity; new knowledge and technologies; robust decision making and public engagement. Moreover, given Morocco's geopolitical role as interconnector of Europe to Sub-Saharan Africa, it will contribute to funneling innovative best practices towards the African continent.

Morocco is a strategic partner for the EU, including in the area of climate and energy policy. It is in the EU interest to help Morocco consolidate its positive climate and energy policy so that best practices implemented by Morocco can be replicated in the African continent and among emerging markets. This will contribute to the EU objective of promoting decarbonization on a global scale.

This activity directly aimed at supporting the development and implementation of evidence base for R&I policies and supporting various groups of stakeholders is excluded from the delegation to INEA and will be implemented by the Commission services.