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A distributed interactive audio-visual virtual reality system


The goal is to create an open source Internet platform for multi-user, interactive, distributed, high-quality 3D graphics and audio for home, public and personal use. The platform will support high-quality 3D-graphics as well as high-quality 3D-audio and acoustic simulation.

The foundation of the platform is a lightweight, low latency, general-purpose network protocol for 3D data, which lets multiple applications act together as one large system by sharing data over the network. If one application makes a change to the data the change is distributed instantly to all interested clients. Therefore rendering engines, tools, simulation engines and other components can be separate applications working together over a network to form an application. The platform will be scalable from simple PDA's to large immersive environments.

The core of the project is to integrate state-of-the-art technology from different partners using this protocol. This will form a consistent and useable system with unique dynamic properties The components we intend to develop include an advanced 3D graphics engine, a unique 3D audio acoustics simulator, tools and visual scripting and computing engine as well as integrating new and existing tools. We also intend to build and research new opportunities given this highly dynamic collaborative system such as dynamic mesh generation, adaptive global illumination solutions, distributed computing.

Our research will be focused on integration as well as development in the respective fields. We will also research the scalability of the system for future wide spread use. The platform will be tested in two application areas, architecture and digital media. We believe that such a platform could have an impact on the interactive media industry as well as design, arts, education and simulation.

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