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Advanced displays research integration action


Europe is the global driver in advanced displays (AD) research and innovation and is one of the largest markets for IST products with ADs. However, research and industrial capabilities, collaboration structures between academia and industry, as well as networking activities in Europe are today scattered. Europe suffers from the lack of a strong voice representing its strengths globally.

The mission of the ADRIA coordination action is therefore to strengthen the AD community in Europe by creating a permanent European platform on AD technology and application, with following objectives:
- Structured analysis of current AD research activities, industrial capabilities and markets with focus on Europe, considering the global context. Implementation in a web based information platform.
- Roadmapping for AD technology and application to give direction to strategies for the development of ADs, highlighting areas of opportunity for application-oriented research and product development.
- Development of a coherent European approach to education and training and its implementation through pilot training workshops and on-line lecture facilities.
- Consolidation and enhancement of standardization knowledge among the European industries involved in advanced displays activities
- Integration of promotion and information dissemination activities through a web based platform, newsletters, conferences, etc.
- Establishment of a permanent European platform that will serve the European AD community.

The work packages have been designed to offer direct added value to the "membership base" of this future association-like European organization. To interlink the European R&D, supply and user industries will accelerate the AD innovation process and reinforce Europe's international position in IST also with regard to AD production. This will widen adoption and broaden availability of ADs helping to accelerate the transition to a competitive knowledge economy.

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