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Mobile support for rescue forces, integrating multiple modes of interaction


The objective of the project SHARE is to develop an advanced mobile service, called Push-To-Share, to support rescue forces during their operation. Currently, a half-duplex voice communication infrastructure based on walkie-talkie technology is used in rescue operations and allows only simple voice communication. There are no direct data services for communication and decision making available on the incident area. Most of the useful information for the operation is not on-line available (e.g. the exact location and surroundings of the action). This makes an efficient and up-to-date organization and operation difficult.

The proposed new Push-To-Share service will apply state-of-art and innovative technologies (e.g. advanced mobile Push-To-Share architecture involving multimodal user interface, interactive digital map in combination with location based services and intelligent information processing and indexing) to allow the mobile workers to communicate bi-directionally with each other and to SHARE required and structured information resources (includes audio, video, text, graphics as well as location information) in a simple, intuitive and natural way. Especially the upper rescue management level should be supported by this new service. The SHARE concept will be integrated into a mobile communication infrastructure based on 2.5G 3G (UMTS) and mobile WLAN networks. The SHARE service will provide a full end to end solution to enable the rescue teams an intelligent and easy-to-use mobile working environment.

To achieve this goal innovations are as follows:
- System architecture design to enable bi-directional multimodal communication using Push-To-Share technology
-Robust speech and image processing in extreme situations
- Interactive digital maps in combination with location based services
-Structuring of required information using situation dependent ontologies and multimedia data logging capabilities.

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