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Access to knowledge through the grid in a mobile world


Mobility has become a central aspect of life of citizens in business, education, and leisure. Related mobility-enabled 3G network infrastructures and user communities have surpassed corresponding Internet figures. Independently, Grid technology is evolving from a niche market solely addressing the HPC domain towards a framework useable within a broad business context. However, while affecting largely identical complex applications, user and provider domains, the Grid community has been basically Mobility-unaware.

Taking this into account, Akogrimo will architect and prototype a blueprint of a Next Generation Grids by generalizing the core Grid concept of resource-sharing into a 'Mobile Dynamic Virtual Organizations' framework, which supports knowledge-related, semantics-driven Web and Grid services over the Mobile Internet. Specifically, for the three key layers (Generic Application Services Layer, Grid Infrastructure Layer and Network Middleware)

Akogrimo will:
- Leverage Netwok Middleware components such as Mobile-IPv6-based Mobility Management, AAA, QoS, security e.g. from IST projects MobyDick and Daidalos
- Concentrate the OGSA-designed/WSRF-oriented Grid Infrastructure Layer with the Network Middleware - esp. w.r.t. user profiles and signalling
- Provide a rich OGSA-designed Generic Application Support Services Layer including e.g. orchestration, workflow support, and ontology based service location Vertically,

Akogrimo will:
- Support SLAs and the required inter-layer mapping and signalling
- Contribute substantially to Orchestration issues such as crossing administrative domains, considering mobility
- Advance the SoA of 'Management of Mobile Dynamic Virtual Organizations' Concerning evaluation, dissemination and exploitation

Akogrimo will:
- Apply a scenario-based design and realization approach-enacted through three testbeds (user view)
- Provide a rich set of business model opportunities through the Akogrimo architecture itself (operator/provider view)

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