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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Supporting innovation of SMEs in the mobile services and application supply business


The focus in this project is on SMEs that are developers/suppliers of innovative solutions to providers of mobile services and applications (MSA). They are well known for generating the creative user oriented MSA that business and society needs/wants. In common with many SMEs, they face significant challenges as they develop and mature.

This project will stimulate the development and use of mechanisms to support their innovation activities including involvement in FP6 activities. It will conduct studies of the demands of such SMEs for innovation support, the supply of the information and other resources that they will need and the channels that connect the supply and SMEs. The full dissemination of the ideas behind, and the findings, of the studies is achieved. FP6 provides an environment in which a holistic approach to SME innovation support services can be studied and developed. FP6-IST will invest substantially in the RTD needed for success in the MSA market.

Diffusion of the fruits of these investments to SMEs is required. We see this project boosting such diffusion in a number of ways, particularly by encouraging the MSA-SMEs and the firms that support their innovations to benefit from FP6 projects. Few would doubt the potential for MSA-SMEs to enhance their performance by accessing external expertise, services and sources of information but their precise priority needs have not been ascertained and are unlikely to be determined without initiative. This project aims to increase clarity about such requirements.

Currently the MSA innovation information and knowledge supply market is underdeveloped and fragmented as is knowledge about the usage and channels. Finding channels and matching them to individual needs are a challenge in too many instances. This project will consider this situation and identify how to improve it. This will be achieved by formulating a set of integrated recommendations for the stakeholders in the MSA market, particularly SMEs to adopt.

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