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High-performance embedded architectures and compilers


HiPEAC addresses the design and implementation of high-performance commodity computing devices in the 10+ year horizon, covering the processor design, the optimising compiler infrastructure, and the evaluation of upcoming applications made possible by the increased computing power of future devices. The objectives of HiPEAC are to ensure the visibility of European institutions in the high performance embedded marked, and to promote the integration of research efforts in a common direction. Visibility will be achieved through dissemination of our work under a common HiPEAC label that will raise the awareness of our coordinated research effort. Integration will be achieved through a set of coordinated actions targeted at building a strong community of researchers, and the adherence to a commonly agreed research roadmap that will be strongly influenced by European industry and leading worldwide research institutions.

HiPEAC will also provide the means for easy collaboration among members, and rapid dissemination of knowledge among the community, as well as strengthening the relationships between academia and European industry. HiPEAC brings together the leading European experts in computer architecture, coordinating -for the first time- their research effort. HiPEAC will build up European strength by spreading knowledge and expertise to engineers and students, and by transferring this expertise to industry, with the goal of making Europe the worldwide leader in high-performance embedded processor architectures.

The end target is to create a virtual centre of excellence in high-performance compilers and architectures for embedded processors. This centre will gather the world's largest critical mass of researchers, generate world-leading results in embedded architectures, and offer the best discussion forums on our topics of influence, becoming a focal point in the fields of computer architecture and optimizing compilers at the maximum level.

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