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End-to-end quality of service support over heterogeneous networks


Quality of Service (QoS) is a key requirement which represents a significant infrastructure upgrade for forthcoming networks. EuQoS will deliver a Flexible and Secure QoS Assurance System (EuQoS system). As QoS is an access challenge the EuQoS system will be integrated, tested, simulated, validated and trialed in NREN and operator research access networks with the GEANT core providing Pan European support.

This and similar heterogeneous infrastructure requires a QoS technical solution that has not been synthesised to date EuQoS will transform QoS state-of-the art into a solution ready for infrastructure upgrade and real-life deployment by bringing together an impressive critical mass of researchers and companies and users from all over Europe. The key objective of the EuQoS project is: To research, develop, integrate, test, validate and demonstrate end-to-end QoS technologies to support advanced QoS aware applications - voice, video-conferencing, video-streaming, tele-engineering and medical applications - over multiple, heterogeneous research, scientific industrial and national research network infrastructure testbeds for real life users.

The EuQoS system will add value to existing applications through trials which will include medical, aerospace, SME, corporate, family and education users EuQoS has two phases:
- Phase 1 will complete Version 1.0 of the EuQoS System to support of Pan-European trials with VoIP, on xDSL, UMTS LAN and WiFi; VoD on UMTS, LAN and WiFi, Video Conference(p2p) on xDSL, UMTS and Lan; Medical Applications on LAN and WiFi in month 18.
- Phase 2 will complete Version 2.0 of the EuQoS System to support of Pan-European trials Video Streaming (mp) on xDSL, UMTS, Lan WiFi, GMPLS and Satellite; Tele-engineering (mp) on LAN and WiFi; Medical Applications on LAN and WiFi; Distributed Virtual Classroom on xDSL, LAN and WiFi; Video Conference on GMPLS and Satellite; VoIP on GMPLS and VoD on UMTS, LAN WiFi and Satellite in month 36

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