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Reconfigurable ubiquitous networked embedded systems


We stand on the brink of a revolution, in which the worlds of the embedded system and the Internet will collide. This will lead to the construction of the first truly pervasive networked computer systems and thus open up a marketplace of a scale unparalleled in the history of technology. To realise this commercial potential requires a research and development programme focussed on the creation of the infrastructure that actively promotes the efficient and inexpensive construction and management of novel services and applications that are predictable and intuitively usable, so as to fulfil the global user expectations for invisible computing.

The RUNES project represents the first major European effort in this area. Much current embedded systems development is bespoke. However, the environments we envisage are more complex than today's limited, controlled, deployments. This complexity is a consequence of heterogeneity, dynamicity, and scale, which means that bespoke development is too expensive and too limiting for innovative applications. To control complexity, we believe that it is necessary to build scaleable middleware systems and application development tools that allow users, designers, and programmers the flexibility to interact with the detailed environment where necessary, whilst affording the clarity that allows for ease of application construction and use.

To do this, we will:
- build middleware systems that are adaptive and intelligently self-organising
- ensure middleware is robust and predictable enough to make computing truly invisible
- build tools that allow for the automated assessment of usability, and that allow applications to be debugged
- assess our developments in both real-world scenarios and emulations of large scale systems

The RUNES consortium contains a broad, global, mix of industrial and academic partners with the expertise to carry out highly innovative R&D in this exciting new world of networked embedded systems.

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