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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Personalised news content programming


The PENG project aims at defining a flexible, personalised and context-aware system for the gathering, filtering, retrieval and presentation of multimedia news for news professionals (e.g. journalists and editors), with a view of making the system also available later for general users. In this context, with the term news we refer to any kind of news, including information regarding leisure and entertainment.

The system is conceived as a personal assistant, supporting journalists in all stages of the news lifecycle. Information (text, images, and videos) is gathered from different sources (including the Web) using a combination of push and pull technologies and presented to the user in a personalised way. In the push phase a filtering approach will be developed, by means of which a first selection of news from newswires and local and online archives will be accomplished. This filtering will be based both on a dynamic user profile and on the personal user's trust in the information sources.

This last aspect will be managed by means of trust scores which are dynamically modified based on user feedback. In the pull phase a user query and the user profile will be used to retrieve further and more specific information from the same source used in the pull phase, but also from additional sources automatically selected in relation to the content of the query and the user profile. This will be done by means of a distributed information retrieval approach, where the query can be automatically generated from user feedback on the information presented by the pull phase.

Therefore, by using the PENG system, both information professionals, such as journalists or editors, and general users of news services can programme the content of the required service by adaptively tuning the contribution of the distinct sources to their information retrieval needs. This is done by both using a time-dependent user profile, and by means of the distinct trust scores of the information sources.

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