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Critical information infrastructure research coordination


Modern society depends nowadays on so called Critical Information Infrastructures (CII). Thus, survivability and dependability of CII have to be considered on a level which goes beyond the level of the local and national stakeholders to guarantee an acceptable level for economy, society, and politics.

Thus, the main objective of the Critical Information Infrastructure Research Coordination (CI2RCO) project is to create and coordinate a European Taskforce - to encourage a co-ordinated Europe-wide approach for research and development on Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP), and - to establish a European Research Area (ERA) on CIIP as part of the larger IST Strategic Objective to integrate and strengthen the ERA on Dependability and Security CI2RCO will focus on activities across the EU-25 and ACC that are essential to be carried out at European level and that require collaborative efforts involving the relevant players of research, research funding actors, policy-makers and CI-stakeholders.

This will be accomplished by a set of coordination activities supporting the improvement of networking and coordination of national and European research policies, programmes and funding schemes, namely:
- Establishment of a CIIP-network of the relevant players
- Preparation and evaluation of a CIIP R&D programmes' inventory in the EU-25 including the development of a roadmap towards a coordinated European CIIP research agenda
- Calibration of the CIIP activities within the network
- Organisation of workshops/conferences to initiate and foster networks and to evaluate, complete and disseminate results
- Provision of a Web-Site to support the network and to disseminate the results

A major instrument within CI2RCO is an Advisory Board representing the participating EU-25 and ACC by delegates mandated by the appropriate European, national, regional or local bodies responsible for funding or managing R&D programmes aiming at the developing CIIP-ERA.

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