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Monitoring and addressing synergies and opportunities between Europeans and indians


The aim of MONSOON is to develop a durable institutional framework to identify and support increased participation of Indian ICT players in research proposals in the FP 6 and 7 IST priority. MONSOON, building on first encounters made between the EU and Indian ICT communities during EuroIndia2004 - March 2004 Delhi, will be achieved by:

1) Providing an ICT RTD platform for Indians and Europeans to collaborate effectively, resulting in Indian ICT presence on RTD projects within the IST Programme. This will be achieved during the execution and delivery of 5 thematic workshops, each taking place over 2-3 days at strategic locations in India. The events will be the milestones of a sustainable effort of reinforcing EU-India links in the chosen sectors: 4G, Communication and Network Technologies, eGovernment (highlighted as an IST priority) eApplications, Open Source Software and Embedded Systems, Research Networks and Grid Systems and Services for business.

2) Identifying a Euro-Indian ICT community. Through a Euro-India ICT Community database, MONSOON will leverage the fast growing ICT awareness amongst the target groups and domains in India, facilitating the launch of more market-oriented initiatives as well as increased EU-India RTD co-operation opportunities to benefit economic growth.

3) Stimulating and mediating institutional foundations with the aim of:
- encouraging the marriage of EU-Indian ICT initiatives
- promoting European role models for development,
- providing Indians with knowledge on IST FP.

The results of the project will be:
- 40-60 targeted EU and Indian participants at each workshop;
- 10-20 proposals submitted to IST FP6 Call 5 and IST FP7 Call 1 with Indian ICT presence;
- 200 Indian ICT profiles trained on the EC IST Programme owing to the FP6 and FP7 training component in each workshop;
- A community database of over 2,000 Indian and EU ICT players related to EuroIndia.


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