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Towards the establishment of a European e-health research area


The goal of the proposed CA is to coordinate planning of national innovation-oriented e-health RTD as the basis for a common road-map and joint RTD activities, thereby establishing an effective ERA in this key IST field and important European market. Reducing the serious fragmentation of current planning can be expected to have a strategic impact on regional, national and trans-European e-health infrastructures, improve the quality of medical outcomes and hence the quality of life of citizens in Europe.

The CA emerged from an initiative involving 20+ Member States Health Ministries to improve RTD coordination and exploit the potential for European synergy. They wish to avoid barriers to patient and professional mobility in the Union threatening from uncoordinated IST uptake and ensure progress in line with the Commission's e-Health Action Plan. The consortium of 5 research management bodies - coordinated by empirica at the request of the German Ministry - will research and structure European e-health RTD, build a suitable e-health ERA portal, identify priority topic clusters, locate cooperation opportunities, identify best practice, set consensual benchmarks, propose priorities for action and draw up a coherent Europe-wide road-map and action plan, finally proposing sustainable long-term mechanisms for European coordination.

A Steering Committee, to which over 25 Ministries have already committed, will oversee and direct work, adopt priorities and road-map, initiate engagement in joint RTD activities and adopt sustainable mechanisms. The project will thus achieve greater transparency across Member States, effectively address the fragmentation of the current European e-health research landscape, counter the poor uptake record of e-Health RTD to date by being consistently innovation-oriented, and in this way make a major contribution to future European e-health RTD in IST.

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