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IST-BONUS: Identify and support research and business excellence to enhance NMS - ACC participation in the development and pilot implementation-demonstration of ICT business applications and services


The major objective of IST-BONUS is to upgrade the participation of organisations from the NMS and ACC to the IST Priority both in quantitative and qualitative terms, particularly regarding two wide areas: e-business and e-working technologies and related state-of-the-art applications; which can have significant impact on Europe's competitiveness, sustainability and societal cohesion. IST-BONUS aims to facilitate the transition of competent NMS and ACC organizations from 'research followers' (that is partners with low capability to influence research course) to 'research leaders' (coordinators or major partners of RTD projects).

To achieve this ambitious endeavour IST-BONUS implements actions sufficiently including:
- 'conventional' activities - targeting to a large number of interested organisations and
- 'go beyond' activities based on a set of 'Research BONUS' Services (Audits, SWOTs, PR research profiles, Action plans and Roadmaps to excellence in IST, networking with EU-15 research leaders and EC services) - targeting to a selective number of highly motivated and competent organisations.

The 'conventional' activities will concentrate on increasing participation mainly in quantitative terms. Under this approach, activities escalate in 3 levels of maturity:
- Promotion / publicity and awareness creation,
- Info-days, tutorials and
- Networking / brokerage events within the context of international IST conferences.

The 'go beyond' activities will focus particularly on qualitative terms targeting to increase the number of
- highly networked organisations from the NMS and ACC,
- major research players and
- competent coordinators focusing primarily on IPs and NoE.

The project is supported by a web-portal including a user-oriented database to facilitate, networking and providing valuable info. IST-BONUS tasks will be fulfilled in 24 months by a multidisciplinary consortium consisted of 12 European partners from 11 EU-28 countries.

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