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Content archived on 2024-06-16

EU-LAM community to foster international cooperation on eHealth applications and technologies


The objective of the envisaged SSA is to enable European and Latin American researchers, industries, organisations and other relevant players operating in the field of e-health to access and exchange knowledge, skills, technologies and facilities through the development of an e-Health Virtual Community.

The foreseen community will stimulate the development of RTD actions and international cooperation in the field of eHealth, considered critical for both Europe and Latin-American Countries. The project will specifically focus on emerging e-Health applications and enabling technologies oriented to professional networking, integration of the clinical care process management, provision of Web-based health information and healthcare, including remote monitoring, patient care and distance learning.

To achieve the project goals the proposers will realise several activities, including:
- An exhaustive inventory action on organisations and expertise in the sector in Europe and Latin America, classifying data in an accessible Database
- Networking and awareness creation actions, including the organisations of two brokerage events, one in 2005 (Caracas) and one in 2006 (Madrid)
- The development of the e-Health Virtual Community platform, a web portal to access competences (on relevant research organisations and relative expertise), information on RTD projects, health sector needs, best practices, and where players will be able to share knowledge, encouraging cooperation and driving RandD and economical growth in e-health sector
- Information campaign on RTD actions and @HEALTH project development, and support actions to organisations willing to participate in European RTD projects

The final aim of the project is to foster international cooperation in the eHealth sector, stimulating joint RTD actions, technology transfer, and creating market opportunities. The community will last beyond the project duration through a well defined sustainable business model.

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