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6DISS exploits the experiences of key players in the Internet research community, from the major relevant EU R&D projects: 6NET, Euro6IX and G-NT. These participants in the project are committed to aid the deployment of new Internet protocols and services in the developing regions of the Balkans, (southern) Mediterranean countries, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southern Africa, the Newly-Independent States, the Caribbean, the Asia-Pacific region, and South and Central America. Exchanges of information and best practices will also take place with people making similar deployment work in China and India.

6DISS will provide training courses and practical workshops to those responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of the National Research Networks in these developing regions, and also inform strategists/decision makers in these countries of the benefits of deploying IPv6. Since the developing countries have fewer legacy installations, they can, with the help of 6DISS, progress extremely efficiently. Beyond these workshops, 6DISS will continue the support and collaboration through access to experts (the so-called "Tiger Team") for technical queries and operational support. Furthermore, training of additional trainers will be offered, and information will be given by European manufacturers about new features and products.

Reports will also be made available on the status of standardisation, IPv6 Forum activities, etc.. Formal Expressions of Interest in co-operating with 6DISS have been received from all of the targeted organisations. It is also intended that the collaboration with these countries will lead to their participation in future IST Calls for Proposals. Of further importance is the integration of the local organisations in the planning of the workshops, the selection of the attendees and the topics, and consequently the opportunity to benefit from the EC budget reserved for INCO countries.

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