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Community based ecotourism, conservation of biodiversity and land management


"The goal of the research project is to study in which way native communities are inspired by visions of sustainability in the development of ecotourism related activities in their land management practice, the conservation of biological diversity and the revival and/or the preservation of their cultural integrity. The focus on indigenous people is very timely as donors are getting more concerned by social equity and property rights issues in developing countries. At the EU level, the associate countries wi ll be requesting extensive research and expertise in the field of eco-agrotourism and land-management.The Department of Geography & Environmental Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada will provide an ideal and reliable foundation for this in terdisciplinary, and integrative study. Nancy Doubleday, the co-chair has particular expertise in relating cultural and environmental sustainability to issues of development and management, through cooperative research, indigenous knowledge and environment al assessment processes. The researcher will rely on a qualified team of experts and researchers and will base her work on innovative projects in 2 Canadian native communities. For the return in Europe, she will be hosted by the Geography and Planning Dep artment of Paul Val¿ University in Montpellier, France. Jean-Marie Miossec, her current PHD supervisor, is the Dean of the University and has in his priority the development of international collaborations with developing and accessing country universitie s with the Cirad Research Centre.The researcher has acquired an extensive knowledge in the field of ecotourism, both as a consultant in the field for over 20 years and as a researcher for 1/3 of this time during this period. The 2 year research stay abroa d will serve to acquire experience needed and the 1 year in PVU to develop a European research and training pole in ecotourism based on a network of universities."

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Ottawa, Ontario