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Integrating Auger observatory and European research institutions into a worldwide grid

Project description

Integrating activities combining cooperation networks with transnational access and research projects

Up to now the Grid concept has been applied only to computational or data-Grids. A dispersed community can apply the same concept to the access, monitoring and management of complex facilities. We propose to improve the access capabilities of European groups working on the Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina using the Grid concept.

The Observatory is designed to measure the flux of ultra-high energy cosmic ray particles with unprecedented accuracy and statistical significance. The rate of the most energetic events is only ~ 1 per km2 per century and the possibility of achieving a breakthrough in this field is possible as a consequence of employing sophisticated detectors with very large acceptance.

Building on CLARA and GEANT networks, our proposal takes advantage of the Grid structure to allow the European groups to achieve rapid access to the data collected at the Observatory in real time and will allow the researchers on the site to access also in real time the results of the analysis performed at home Institutions in Europe. As a consequence, the potential of the European groups in data processing will be enhanced. Implementation of techniques of remote monitoring of the detectors and control of the process of data taking from European Institutions will become possible

Enhanced communication infrastructure will also allow use of dynamic databases in which calibration information from the detectors will be continuously updated. This in turn will provide fast feedback on the quality of the data being taken at the Observatory, giving the possibility of rapid discovery of malfunctioning of detector components, with the consequence of early remedial action.

As a result of the implementation of these actions, the work of the European groups will become more efficient, the reliability of operation of the Observatory will be enhanced, the quality of the data will improve, leading, with more sophisticated analysis, to physics results of higher quality.

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