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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Misuse detection system


The objective of the Misuse Detection System (MDS) project is to research, develop and evaluate a system for the detection and prediction of misuses in telecommunication networks. MDS will be focused on the correlation of events received from network resources and on the automation of operator's business processes.

The system developed will be evaluated in real world tests in a network environment; the pilot analyses, pilot configuration, pilot documentation, pilot evaluation and assessment phases are devoted to that objective.

The results will be disseminated and exploited during the exploitation and dissemination phase. The general scientific and technological (S&T) objectives of the MDS include:
- Investigating the best existing AI approaches and discovering new ones for the identification of usage patterns and events in four crucial areas of interest: FD - fraud detection, PM - performance management, FM - fault management and BP - business processes. The AI-based modules for detection of misuses in each mentioned area are to be developed.
- The use of AI techniques in revenue assurance for operators of 3G and beyond networks.
- The abstraction of data used for the correlation of events characteristic for FD, BP, FM and PM. The generic model proposal to be used in cross-correlation in the mentioned areas of interest as well as the decision making process finding the proper reaction for found misuses.
- The investigation of new methods of handling mass telecommunication data
- The collecting of experience of dealing with 3G and beyond telecommunication data.
- The implementation of AI approach of the selection of the proper reaction for discovered events. The decision support system which will automate the operator's business processes, especially problem handling procedures is to be implemented.
-The human-readable presentation of the detected new usage-patterns. The GUI implementation of the discovered knowledge is to be provided.

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