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3-D-integrated micro/nano modules for easily adapted applications


As electronic sensor systems are becoming more complex and individualised, standard state of the art approaches will not be anymore appropriate to meet the objectives (cost, reliability, time to market, etc.) of the future. The innovative approach presented here will realize e-CUBES, .i.e. investigate and develop 'small sensor cubes' which are wireless communicating among each other. The e-CUBES will build-up an ad-hoc network to realize the desired system functionality.

e-CUBES addresses various multi-disciplinary applications in the important field of wireless sensor networks, with special emphasis but not limited to the following key application areas:
- Distributed smart monitoring for Aeronautics and Space applications;
- Wireless sensor networks for Health and Fitness;
- Distributed intelligent Automotive Control.
Particular focus of e-CUBES is on the following technologies:
- Individual technologies at various layer levels, suitable for 3D integration;
- Layer processing/thinning technologies for 3D integration;
- 3D assembling and packaging;
- New communication means, e.g. antennas, passive and RF integration, and communication networks;
- Power supply and power management for portable applications;
- Design methodologies for the 3D SoC and related simulation tools.

The e-CUBES technology poses particular challenges with regard to the desirable sizes (a few cubic millimetres), the need to achieve continuous operation through an integrated or external wireless power supply, and the necessity of allowing multiple e-CUBES to communicate. The system is characterized by a large number of individual interconnected e-CUBES. The "e-CUBES" vision therefore represents a new approach to systems integration that will help to develop complex, flexible and cost-efficient.

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