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Vertically stacked memory cells based on heterojunctions made of hybrid organic/inorganic materials

Project description

Integration strategy for novel memory elements.

The use of three dimensional structures for the realization of non-volatile-memories requires that bit storage and selection elements can be stacked up vertically and should therefore be both manufactured in the Back End Of the Line. Silicon is not well suited as a back end semiconductor material, because the high thermal budget required for both deposition and dopant activation, makes its integration with most of the bit storage elements materials impossible. One of the NVM that appear quite promising are those based on cross-bar architectures. Such an architecture allows an increased miniaturization given a certain lateral feature size since they can be vertically stacked. In addition the cost per bit of such an architecture is significantly lower than the conventional CMOS based ones, since the number of photolithographic masks necessary to produce them is lower.In this project we will integrate junction made of II-VI and organic/polymeric semiconductors into cross-bar type memories to obtain a scalable cross-bar non volatile memory with both bit storage and selection elements vertically stacked on on top of the other. The junction material should require a low thermal budget for its preparation to be compatible with the most promising technologies for the bit storage element, such as chalcogenides.The objectives can be summarized as follows:-Making Schottky and p-n type heterojunctions able to stand high currents and with an high Ion/Ion(1/2) able to operate at low voltage.-Demonstrating the integration of cross-bar architecture, made of a junction based on II-VI and/or polymeric semiconductors and a storage element, up to a 100x100 nodes -Demonstrating the scalability of vertically stacked array junctions for memory application by means of e-beam lithography up to the 32 nm node.

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