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Open PLC European research alliance for new generation PLC integrated network phase 2


Power Line Communication (PLC) is a broadband telecommunication technology able to use the existing electricity networks for data transmission purposes, allowing any user to benefit from IT based services and avoiding new wiring in houses and cities.

The strategic objective of this proposal is to push PLC technology in all relevant aspects (standardization, technology improvement, installation tools and processes, telecom services, intelligent grid services, dissemination) so as to allow it to become an alternative that offers broadband access to all European citizens using the most ubiquitous infrastructure.

This development of the PLC technology will contribute to develop the European Information Society in full concordance with the proposed objectives in the plan eEurope 2005 by means of:
- Increase of competition in the broadband access: PLC networks can be quickly and easily deployed without large investments by using the existing electricity networks. PLC is an ubiquitous solution for access and in-home distribution that will contribute to have a real alternative last-mile access network.
- Fostering Mass Services availability: PLC features such as transparent integration with different communication technologies (WiFi, etc.) and complete end-user coverage will contribute to the deployment of value-added-services over broadband such as: smart home, video streaming, e-health, VoIP, etc.
- European Industry Leadership: PLC technology know-how and technical excellence are currently located in Europe. This represents an extraordinary opportunity for the development, competitiveness and leadership of European Broadband Industry that will contribute to the creation of employment, to the development of the Information Society Technologies in Europe and to the socio-economic prosperity in EU.

The OPERA project had an estimated duration of 48 months, divided into two phases. This proposal asks for funding for the 2nd phase of the project, 24 months.

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