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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Unified eLearning Environment for the school


The evolution of schools from teaching institutions towards community centres for learning raises a number of pedagogical and social challenges. Learning is no longer confined to the traditional teacher-pupil relationship but learner-cantered, personalized learning approaches are being implemented and the effectiveness of collaborative learning is now generally recognized. This evolution of schools takes place at various paces throughout the enlarged European Union.

Technology can be an important enabler of this evolution. However, in order to be accepted by all the actors, the technology must be flexible and adaptable to the specific learning contexts (situations and environments) of each school rather than imposing a common model upon all schools.

The objectives of UNITE are in the areas of both ICT as well as education:
- In the area of ICT, the conceptualization, design, and development of a very comprehensive, highly modular eLearning and communication platform, supporting the development, management and re-use of learning objects, activities and experiences, and appropriately linking up the mobile phone technology for learning purposes, an area still very challenging for learning environments.
- In the area of education, the design of innovative pedagogical methods enhanced by this ICT platform to be used and validated in a variety of different types of schools. These new pedagogical approaches will be applicable to all schools, taking into account the diverse cultural and educational backgrounds.

The project will also study in depth issues about 'accessibility for all' and good practices in context-specific learning design, to enhance the learning experience and to ensure that learners are empowered and motivated to learn in this manner.

UNITE will greatly contribute to the objectives of achieving eEurope 2005, going beyond the deployment of technology by providing effective tools to support the evolution of Europe towards a knowledge-based society.

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