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Creating new knowledge in networks of medical research


MULTI-KNOWLEDGE starts from the data processing needs of a network of Medical Research Centres, in Europe and USA, Partners in the Project and co-operating in researches related to the link between metabolic diseases and cardiovascular risks.

These needs are mostly related to the integration of three main sources of information: clinical data (EHR), patient-specific genomic and proteomic data (in particular data produced through Micro-arrays technology), and demographic data. The general aim of the project will be the development of a knowledge management environment to allow networks of co-operating medical research centres to create, exchange and manipulate new knowledge from heterogeneous data sources.

MULTI-KNOWLEDGE will create an intelligent workflow environment for multi-national multi-professional research consortia aiming at cooperatively mining, modelling, visualizing biomedical data under a single common perspective. This will allow retrieval and analysis of millions of data through bio-informatics tools, with the intent of improving medical knowledge discovery and understanding through integration of biomedical information.

MULTI-KNOWLEDGE will contribute to the creation of standards to link heterogeneous data. The clusterization models produced within the project will allow discrimination between normal and pathologic and produce insight for clinical research and disease management. The MULTI-KNOWLEDGE architecture and set of tools will be tested for the development of a structured system to integrate data in a single informative system committed to cardiovascular risk assessment.

Therefore this project will also contribute to establish guidelines and operating procedures to manage and combine data coming from protein arrays and make them easily available for the imputation of study algorithms.

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