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Semantic audio-visual entertainment reusable objects


SALERO's goal is to define and develop 'intelligent content' objects with context-aware behaviours for self-adaptive use and delivery across different platforms, building on and extending research in media technologies, web semantics, and context based image retrieval, to reverse the trend toward ever-increasing cost of creating media.

SALERO aims to advance the state of the art in digital media to the point where it becomes possible to create audiovisual media for cross-platform delivery using intelligent content tools, with greater quality at lower cost, to provide audiences with more engaging entertainment and information at home or on the move. The RTD addresses:
- Understanding the relations between media types, genres, workflows and styles
- Metadata, Media Semantics and Ontologies for semantically aware content objects
- Practical methods of context-based information retrieval of characters, sounds, images, movements or behaviours
- Procedures for manipulating the appearance, sound, movement and behaviour of semantically aware characters and objects
- Improved methods and tools for script translation and speech synthesis
- Software toolkits, systems, plug-ins and interfaces for control of appearances, sounds, semantic behaviour and properties of intelligent content objects

SALERO will guide, validate and evaluate the R and D through experimental productions across a range of important media genre, based on scenarios defined by artists and creative media professionals. It will also reinforce the European skills base by developing training structures for professionals and researchers and prepare the market launch of technologies through a series of Demonstration Testbeds for media professionals.

The RTD programme includes long-term research and medium-term work designed to result in novel products and services at the component and system level by the end of the project.

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