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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Semantic-enabled agile knowledge-based e-Government


Permanent changes in the environment (political, economical and ecological) cause frequent changes in the governments regulations that may affect public administration (PA) processes and systems. To reduce time-to-market with regards to new decisions, regulations, and law, it is necessary to equip public administration with tools supporting the agile response to changes. A change in one activity in a process or in one part of an e-government system (front and back office) may cause many problems in other parts of the same process or system.

Therefore, there is a need for resolving changes in a systematic manner, ensuring overall consistency. Furthermore, these changes impose the need for updating the knowledge needed to perform the administrative process or use the e-government system, which is heterogeneous and fragmented. These needs are more prominent in the case of New Member States, since their full integration heavily depends on the possibility to adapt their public administrations to the existing EU regulations in a very short period of time.

The SAKE project addresses the afore-mentioned needs by specifying, developing and deploying a holistic framework and supporting tools for an agile knowledge-based e-government that will be sufficiently flexible to adapt to changing and diverse environments and needs. The proposed SAKE solution will comprise:
- a semantic-based change management system,
- semantic-based content management system,
- a semantic-based groupware system.

The SAKE project brings together a well-balanced mixture of ten partners, that each one brings into the project a different focus of work and a different perspective of emphasis. It should be noted that the majority of the partners are coming from New Member States (i.e. Hungary, Poland and Slovakia).

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