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Technologies (ACDT)


Effective collaboration dynamics are at the core of learning, knowledge exchange and innovation processes. Nevertheless, in today's global environment, a large number of collaboration initiatives fail to deliver the value expected, as complexity is enhanced by the diversity and the distributed nature of the people, groups, and knowledge sources and by the knowledge integration processes involved. Effective collaboration competencies are hence emerging as a key condition for productive and sustainable value creation at the individual, team, organisational and inter-organisational level.

The project builds on interdisciplinary scientific/academic models and best/worst practices and experiences to identify the factors inhibiting effective collaboration ("Collaboration Traps and Challenges"), and the interventions required to reduce these risks ("Collaboration Management Competencies").

After integration, this know-how will lead to the development of:

- An innovative framework (Advanced Collaboration Dynamics and Technologies - ACDT Framework) addressing the effective development of collaboration competencies.

- A set of widely deployable, advanced, interactive and experiential technology-enhanced solutions ("ACDT Simulation Games") guaranteeing the effective understanding and internalisation of (1) cognitive, motivational and attitudinal factors, (2) complexity of knowledge integration processes and distributed, ICT-supported teamwork, and (3) management competencies determining the success or failure of collaboration dynamics in diverse and distributed contexts.

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