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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Multipurpose dynamically reconfigurable platform for intensive and flexible hetereogeneous processing : A technology breakthrough for Embedded Computing


The large-scale deployment of Embedded Systems, through Cooperating Objects for example, is raising new demanding requirements in terms of computing performance, cost-efficient development, low power, functional flexibility & sustainability. This results in an increasing complexity of the platforms & an enlarging design productivity gap: current solutions are out of breath while current development & programming tools do not support the time-to-market needs.

MORPHEUS copes with these challenges by developing a global solution based on a modular SOC platform providing the disruptive technology of embedded dynamically reconfigurable computing completed by a software (SW) oriented design flow. These "Soft Hardware (HW)" architectures will enable huge computing density improvements (GOPS / Watt) by a factor of x100, reuse capabilities by x5, flexibility by more than 100 and time to market divided by 2 thanks to a convenient programming toolset.

MORPHEUS ambitions are also to establish the European foundation for a new concept of flexible "domain focused platforms", positioned between general purpose flexible HW and general purpose processors.

This will be achieved within a 3-years project providing:
- A modular silicon demonstrator composed of complementary run-time reconfigurable building blocks to address the different types of application requirements
- The corresponding integrated design flow supporting the fast exploration of HW and SW alternatives
- The suitability & efficiency will be validated by a set of complementary test cases.

The dissemination through silicon offer & supporting tools (baseline for further commercial products) will be completed by specific training & broad information to address the necessary cultural change.

This will be performed by:
- A consortium where many partners are already involved in bilateral cooperation
- A 2-step process to monitor the final content of the project according to state of the art evolution and first results.

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