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An all-wireless mobile network architecture


The vision of accessing the Internet at any location, when needed, and in the form it is requested remains Utopia, with the still dominant access via cable-based technologies. The promise for this vision to happen is a wireless architecture in which the complete infrastructure collaborates to form the paradigm of an all wireless Internet.

The results of WIP will enable new business models and new applications, which will have considerable impact on everyone's daily life in private or business. In comparison to the current development of the Internet, the necessary steps towards such an architecture is not simply adding necessary functionality, but a complete paradigm shift of all details of the current Internet architecture.

The objective of the WIP project is to design, implement, and experimentally validate an all-wireless interconnection architecture based on advanced wireless transmission techniques, mesh networking, cross-layer optimization, and mechanisms for seamless mobility. Such a wireless network must be self-organizing to maximize the network capacity and capabilities. The project will develop a suitable measurement methodology and set up experimental prototypes to validate the proposed concepts.

To achieve the vision of the Radio Internet, WIP will adopt a disruptive approach with respect to the current Internet: to rethink the overall architecture with wireless networks as the central technology and develop a new interconnection architecture founded on the principle of all-wireless networks with some isolated wired long-haul links.

By defining new topology and routing schemes, designing simple interconnection rules, elaborating new performance objectives, providing seamless mobility, and designing self-configuring and self-healing mechanisms, a large number of wireless access networks can be dynamically interconnected to provide wide coverage with a large capacity and ubiquity.

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