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Content archived on 2024-05-29

System engineering for security and dependability


The primary goal of SERENITY IP proposal is to enhance security and dependability for AmI ecosystems by capturing security expertise and making it available for automated processing. SERENITY will provide a framework supporting the automated integration, configuration, monitoring and adaptation of security and dependability mechanisms for such ecosystems. Technically, SERENITY will be based on
- the enhanced notions of SandD Patterns and Integration Schemes, and
- the support for run-time pro-active and reactive monitoring of requirements.

SERENITY focus on five key areas to provide security and dependability mechanisms:
- Organization and Business,
- Workflow and Services, and
- Network and Devices levels,
- Provision of integrated solutions for these mechanisms and
- Support for run-time monitoring.

The results coming from these areas will be integrated to produce the SERENITY framework. The results will be driven by the scenarios and the industrial requirements that will influence the research results to make them ready to be exploitable.
Exploitation of results will be achieved through different routes but with the common theme of partners incorporating these results in current or planned products.
SERENITY brings together software companies, application solution developers and research institutions and will be driven by the need for security and dependable solutions in e-business, e-government and communication domains.

SERENITY is integrated in the following ways:
- technically, through complementary focus areas addressed by strong research teams, industrially, through multi-sectors application partners who share a common vision for the potential of security issues,
- managerially, through a strong management structure based on entrepreneurial practices,
- internationally, with partners from 9 different countries,
- personally, through strong existing working relationships between partners.

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