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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Service platform for innovative communication environment


SPICE (Service Platform for Innovative Communication Environment) is addressing the still unsolved problem of designing, developing and putting into operation efficient and innovative mobile Service creation/execution platforms for networks beyond 3G.This project will research, prototype and evaluate an extendable overlay architecture and framework to support, easy and quick service creation, test and deployment of intelligent mobile communication and information services.

Building on significant advances in IT technologies, the SPICE platform will support multiple heterogeneous execution platforms allowing for new, innovative services to be spread across different operator domains and over different countries realizing a variety of business models. The key SPICE project objectives are: Provide a unified and seamless way to deliver services over heterogeneous execution platforms, network and terminals. Enrich the service landscape, through an overlay structure offering a personalized user experience anytime, anyplace. Create a trusted and open platform that will simplify the use of services and devices through personalization and customization. Open-up to new business models and value chains. Enabling Pan-European service provisioning.

Promoting the uptake of innovative IT software technologies in a telecommunications grade service platform environment. For users, operators and service providers, the SPICE project will turn today's confusing heterogeneity into an easily manageable and rich service environment by exploiting the diversity of device capabilities and fostering service adoption. The SPICE approach will broaden business opportunities in the communications and associated business sectors. To achieve this ambition, the SPICE consortium integrates the competence and knowledge of leading European telecom operators/service providers and key IT and telecommunications suppliers The SPICE project is part of the WWI.

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